2023 Spring Speed Nationals

After what seemed a long winter, it was great to back at The Pod for the rescheduled Spring Speed Nationals. With a new 598ci ASD built Big Block Ford powerplant producing 911hp, 2023 sees Team Dark Horse joining the ranks of Super Pro E.T.

With only one test run (foot break launch 8.8730 @143mph) due to the weather it was straight to qualifying on Friday:-Q1 another foot break launch 8.8485 with Q2 a nice trans brake launch – 8.6934 being a new PB for Dark Horse.

As expected, from these two passes it was clear that a new torque convertor would be required as we were reaching the limiter around 1000ft. For the rest of the weekend, we were lifting around 1000ft, showing there is more to come from the new combination dialling in the car was going to prove a little tricky.

Q3,4,5 & 6 were a bit of dial-in hunting job 8.81, 8.72, 8.83, 8.71. With a final shot at qualifying we knew it was either 8.70 or 8.80 – going with a 8.70 and running 8.7002 put us as number 1 qualifier – Woohoo! Being number 1 qualifier meant we had a bye in the first-round eliminations. Round 2 saw us against Dave Russel in “The Van with No Name” and Lee lifting at 1000ft allowed him to sneak past for the win. Dave taking the win by 0.0027 of a second or 7 inches – in other words a real tight race.

It’s safe to say if you’d have told us before the event, we’d go home with the number 1 qualifier medal running consistent high eights we’d of snapped your hands off. We’re now crossing our fingers that the new torque convertor arrives before The Festival of Power – hopefully the same again just with some quicker E.Ts and going a few more rounds 🤞 p.s Great to see

Lee, Marc & Darren running new PBs. Bri suffering a bit of a mishap (🔥🧯) on Friday but no doubt he’ll be bounce back! Thanks to Slap and Richard Bell

See you all in a few weeks. 👍👍💪

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