2023 Festival of Power

Festival of Power was a blast!!

After our first outing of the year with new motor it was decided that the weak link in the Dark Horse drive train was the torque convertor. With a brand new one installed on the Wednesday before The Festival of Power, the hope was this change would see us running the E.Ts we are looking for from the new setup. But to say our weekend was full of Gremlins 👹 would be an understatement. Our 1st qualifier was an early shut off 11.7514 (Lee not happy with 1st/2nd gear changes and still getting used to the step up in power). In Q2 we improved with an 8.94, however on review of the videos of the launch we decided the wheelie bars were more hinderance than help so we removed these. As a result, Dark Horse was back to wheels up launches for the rest of the weekend. Sunday saw us finish up number 6 qualifier 8.8567 (8.85 dial in).

In round one we should have been running against Paul Marston however he broke which allowed us to take the green (we were trying to fix a misfire and didn’t want to do any unnecessary damage).

Sunday evening also saw us replacing a starter motor which decided to give up on us as we were checking the lash. Monday saw us paired against Alan Didwell where we went red by 0.0019 (Doh). The car was running high eights all weekend so there are still a couple of gremlins we need to iron out before we improve on our 8.69 from earlier the previous event. Ps. We’re on the lookout for some Hoosier 33 x 15s x 15 tyres.

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Thanks to my family, Slap, Rich and Phil. ❤️❤️👌

Thanks again to all our sponsors for your support.

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